Adele dating a married man


Is Adele Dating a Married Man?

Little has been noted about Adele’s new love, Simon Konecki, other than some cute photos published of the two together on vacation in Florida over New Year’s and at a party earlier in the month.

Now comes new information that Konecki is married and a dad!

Fear not, Adele isn’t a homewrecker, as Konecki is in the midst of getting a divorce, according to The Daily Mail.

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Adele recently commented that she was ready to give love another chance, after famously singing about her heartbreaking split from her previous boyfriend.

Will Adele be singing a sad tune again, or is Konecki’s divorce well under way?

Konecki was married to fashion stylist Clary Fisher in 2004. They have a five-year-old daughter together and have been separated since 2010.

So, sounds like it’s slightly complicated, but there’s not much chance that Adele had anything to do with the couple’s split.

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Adele met Konecki through a mutual friend a couple of months ago.

Let’s hope this relationship goes the distance — as Taylor Swift has proven, it’s not wise to split with a famous singer/songwriter, because you might just be used for lyrical inspiration.

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