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Amy Winehouse may have left behind a musical legacy, but she was also well-known for her unique retro look.

Winehouse’s final Fred Perry collection is now available for purchase, featuring some fun colors and inspired prints.

Winehouse worked with the Fred Perry label to design the Spring 2012 collection, but sadly didn’t live to see its release.

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You can get the Winehouse inspired looks from, which includes black, white and subdued pastel colors in argyle and even a kooky jukebox pattern.

Look for the art deco inspired pieces and other Winehouse trademarks, as the website explains: “Referencing Amy’s love of ’50s Americana and art deco Miami, the collection features an exclusive print scattered with Cadillacs, juke boxes and cats-eye sunglasses in a palette of pink mist, pale blue and black.”

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Winehouse’s Fred Perry pieces also include a black and white checked shirt, pedal pusher trousers, a high waisted pencil skirt, argyle sweater dress … even a bowling bag with the art deco design!

Notably, all proceeds from the sale of her pieces go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

What do you think of the Fred Perry Amy Winehouse Spring 2012 collection?

amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse pencil skirt


amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse retro style shirt


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