Size 6 is Plus Size Now, WTF?

When did size 6 become plus size?

Apparently, when models began shrinking to anorexic proportions, a new photo spread points out in Plus Model Magazine.

Nude photos of plus size model Katya Zharkova illustrate what the average woman looks like when compared to the pin-thin runway models that make the majority of women feel like fatties.

Plus Model Magazine’s January 2012 issue features a pictorial, “Plus Size Bodies, What’s Wrong With Them Anyway?,” relaying some interesting facts about the fashion industry.

“Twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today she weighs 23% less.”

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“Today the need for size diversity within the plus-size modeling industry continues to be questioned. The majority of plus-size models on agency boards are between a size 6 and 14, while the customers continue to express their dissatisfaction.”

The plus size model and the typical size fashion models appear nude to “open the minds of the fashion industry,” according to editor-in-chief, Madeline Figueroa-Jones.

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Figueroa-Jones writes, “We are bombarded with weight-loss ads every single day, multiple times a day because it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on the fear of being fat. Not everyone is meant to be skinny, our bodies are beautiful and we are not talking about health here because not every skinny person is healthy.”

What do you think of the plus size vs. regular model nude comparison photos?


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